Bill Bassett

Bill is about the best delivery driver I could ever ask for. Not only does he always shows up on time and is willing to work with my crazy schedule, he is so courteous to all of my clients and their customers that I quite often get messages about how nice he is. Bill is a retired Architect so he likes things to be, let’s say, exact. While I like to tell him “You know you went there two Mondays ago, it’s the brick building to the left of the water tower, behind CVS.” He just looks at me and says “Address please, I need numbers. And do you mind giving me a map?” If you catch Bill on his day off you may see him sporting his earring and his “weekend hat”, which is much more casual than his everyday work hat. Bill is married to Denni, who occasionally rides along and helps out on her days off. I am so lucky to have them here.